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Math UIL 1st place region team in Number Sense

JSUD is the only licensed school in the DFW area that teaches mental math to children. JSUD has sister schools located throughout the world in areas such as New York, California, Taiwan, Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and Australia. There are already over one hundred schools established around the world.

Currently, there are 6 teachers in the DFW area. They are Mrs. Yvonne Tseng , Mrs. Leah Xu ,  Edward Ou ,  Ling Hu ,  Emerald Ou.  They have plans to extend their teaching services so that children from all backgrounds throughout the community can benefit from this program as well.

The JSUD open house program always features a contest: "The Human Brain versus the Calculator". The contest reminds people that no matter how powerful computers are, they still cannot compete with human brains in terms of calculation power combined with reasoning. The goal of mental math is to make students become accustomed to using both halves of their brains instead of having to rely upon only the left half or on calculators.  Exercising both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously helps children's' mental coordination.  Students develop mental facilities and powers of reasoning that will help them in other subjects as well. The multitude of reasoning abilities from the right half of the brain cannot be replaced by any machine. Mental math can be considered to be a training tool that stimulates the usage of the right half of the brain along with the left. Extensive usage of mental math not only improves a child's math potential but also has been shown to assist them in their concentration levels, memory, and overall development.


There are other benefits to this form of math for children ages 6 to 15:

Gain Mental Arithmetic Skills


Learn Ultra-Fast Image Computation Methods



Be Able to Compete with the Speed of Calculators


Children's Early Development


Stimulate Interest in Math



Activate Brain Potential


Overall Abilities


Improve Academic Competence



Better Memory Power, Greater Concentration and More Confidence



Increase Creativity, Reasoning, Imagination and Organization Skills



After children understand their lessons, they need only set aside fifteen minutes each day to practice. The more practice children set aside for mental math, the more accurate and faster they become.

Based upon feedback received from parents, students show proficiency in math of the kindergarten grade level or first grade level after 3 months of training. After 6 months of training, they reach third grade level math, and after 9 months, they can handle fourth grade level math. Those students who have been trained for 1 to 2 years can apply mental math to six grade level math and will be able to perform at least half of the calculations in a typical Algebra and/or Geometry curriculum.

Mrs. Yvonne, who has been teaching mental math since 1995 suggests that the best time for children to start mental math training is between the ages of 6 to 15. Parents should cooperate with tutors closely regarding their child's progress. The most important thing for parents is to remind their children to employ the methods they have learned from their tutor to do their homework.


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Feel free to contact the JSUD staff. Tutors will be more than happy to answer questions and explain their teaching processes and ideas and to share the outstanding records of success that they have had with their students. If anyone has concerns or doubts that pertain to this teaching method, please feel free to use the link to contact the tutors or email them at




last update 6-24-2014